Our Full Range of Debris Hauling and Clearing Services
County Waste has been an industry leader in vegetative debris processing since 2001. We utilize our extensive experience working on large-scale natural disasters and implement it into local debris hauling.

Our logistical expertise provides us with the opportunity to haul any number of debris from various locations. We aim to do this while keeping the overall costs to the customer down.

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     Debris Site Management

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    DEP-Certified Vegetative Debris Recycling

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    Disaster Debris Cleanup Services

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    Large-Volume Hauling

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    Mulch Haul Out

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    On-Site Vegetative Debris Processing

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    Rights-of-Way (ROW) Debris Hauling

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    Waterway Cleanup

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    The Right Assets for the Job

We utilize different types of resources to fit the needs of the project, including:

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    Self-Loading Grapple Trucks

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    Diamond Z Grinder

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    Self Loading Grapple Barges


Our team uses Diamond Z grinders to process the debris, and walking floors to haul out processed materials.

Our Competitive Edge

Aside from our primary cleanup services, we manage projects and consult with our customers. We also offer 24-hour emergency response and 72-hour emergency push operations.


Site Processing

Your Partner in Site Clearing and Processing Operations

Rely on County Waste for the clearing services you need for your job site—no matter the scale. We handle projects in any condition, so whether your location is wet or extremely messy, we have you covered.

Efficiency is Key

County Waste has two brand-new Diamond Z grinders that grate and process materials of various sizes. Our clean and well-maintained equipment allows us to complete our jobs faster and at a lesser cost to our customers.

Self-Loading Grapple Trucks

Using Self-Loading Grapple Trucks for Debris Removal

At County Waste, we utilize specialized vehicles to complete each project. Our fleet includes more than 15 self-loading grapple trucks, which have a capacity range of 70 cubic yards to more than 150 cubic yards.

Getting You Back on Track

We use our trucks to load brushes, logs, leaf bags, and construction and demolition debris in tight spaces. Our experienced drivers can remove junk and rubble in no time, allowing you to return to work quickly.

Great Equipment, Excellent Work

County Waste always aims to provide prompt and cost-effective services. To achieve this, we make sure that the equipment we use is clean and cared for so that it can function properly and efficiently.


Disaster Relief Services

Trust Us for Disaster Cleanup and Debris Removal Services

Over the years, County Waste has worked on the debris removal of more than 20 disasters in the US. Whether your area was affected by a straight-line windstorm, wildfire, or hurricane, our company has the equipment and resources to assist you with your cleanup operations.

Experienced Professionals

Over the years, County Waste has hauled and processed more than 25 million cubic yards of debris. This track record has allowed us to gain a great reputation in the industry and earn the confidence of our clients.

Waterway Cleanup

Waterway Cleanup Experts Dedicated to Your Needs

During a storm, various types of junk can be flown or dispersed into different waterway systems. This leaves the channels cluttered with debris and difficult to navigate. It may also pose health risks if not addressed by professionals. Fortunately, County Waste can help.

Clean Waters
Florida is riddled with waterways of all shapes and sizes. Frequent storms paired with pollution can turn these beautiful waterways into puddles of trash. If a waterway near you is filled with large and small debris, County Waste is here to help. Through our waterway cleanup services, your lakes, rivers, and streams will be returned to the beautiful havens they used to be.

Healthy Ecosystems
Once your waterway is clean, the surrounding ecosystem can return to normal. Any fish, birds, and other local wildlife will begin to thrive, and the environment can bounce back. The clean waters will be more appealing, and they will become easier to navigate and truly enjoy. When your waterway is suffering because of junk, call us right away.

Dedicated Professionals
At County Waste, we have over 65 years of experience cleaning up waterways, and we've seen the difference waterway cleanup can make for environments and communities. Our commitment to this service has grown over the years as we have grown more capable and invested in free-flowing waterways. If you want to work with a business that cares, contact our team.

An Ingenious Solution
We use multiple barges of various sizes to operate in areas where trucks cannot. Our vessels can go in shallow and open waters, and we use them to grab, cut, and haul off trees and shrubs along the way.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment
When your river or lake is full of large and heavy pieces of debris, you'll need a strong piece of equipment. We use modern equipment and refined techniques, so there is no piece of trash that we can't handle. Our barges are built tough, and our operators are well-trained and can easily take care of any job.

A Safe and Efficient Team
Heavy junk and large trees can be difficult to remove safely, but you can depend on the team at County Waste to make it easy for you. Work with us for a smooth and safe waterway cleanup any time of year.

To learn more about our services, give us a call at (239) 481-3400.


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