About Us

An Established Debris Hauling and Management Company

Our team at County Waste specializes in collecting vegetative waste and hauling debris from various worksites and local businesses. Based in Fort Myers, FL, our recycling facility is approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This site allows us to serve residents as well as hauling and local contractors in the area.

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Areas of Expertise

Since our inception, our team has consistently developed the skills needed to deliver efficient hauling solutions. We focus on the following:

  • County Waste

    Vegetative Debris Management and Processing

  • County Waste

    Waterway Debris Removal

A Team of Industry Experts

Our staff has more than 65 years of experience in disaster recovery and relief efforts. We have handled various projects, including the initial "push" phase, where we provide equipment and management to open roadways for essential services. The projects we work on also involve collecting and processing debris, operating and managing debris sites, and closing out and delivering satisfaction reviews for final projects.

Commitment to Service

County Waste has a business model that allows us to have the flexibility to meet the needs of our clients—locally, regionally, and nationally. Through organization and preparation, we provide 24-hour emergency response to clients daily.

What Sets Us Apart

We have the capability, experience, and success to serve as a subcontractor. On the other hand, as a prime contractor, we have what it takes to deliver comprehensive solutions that put a premium on efficiency and performance.

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Our Company’s Evolution

Founded in 2001, our firm has been continually developing as we acquire various equipment, trucks, support vehicles, and other assets. Our growth has been the direct result of our project management success and client satisfaction, which led to repeat business opportunities and contracts.